Senior Software Developer

Play key role to lead development for highly intelligent business selling platform


Growing startup in Silicon Valley looking for someone who can help lead our product development and take it to the next generation. With Vue.JS, Laravel and PostgreSQL, you’ll build innovative features across the stack from back-end to middleware to front-end.


It all started with an idea to create a highly complex, unique type of eCommerce that even websites like Amazon cannot do. Think a bot, but powered by a highly intelligent, flexible brain that can determine any customer’s unique needs and solutions, no matter how custom the situation may be.

Three years after launching our first solution, we’re growing, profitable, and have customers who absolutely love our product. We believe we’re on a path to create an entirely new type of technology that’s going to change how customized selling can be done on the internet.

The best part is, our team and software is still very early stage and we have much more cool technology to build and improve upon. That’s where you come in.


Full Stack Developer who likes the idea of working with a very small team and being able to take our product to the next level.

You’re passionate about building solid code that’s easy to maintain and scale. You strive to make sure your code is automatically tested. You make features in days, not weeks.


  • Competitive pay
  • Bonuses
    – This is a full-time roll and is long-term
    You can work remotely, but we’d like you to bring you over for visits and working with us onsite on occasion
    – Paid Time Off


  • Good communication
  • Minimum 5 years working experience as a Developer
  • Solid working experience in PHP7 and JavaScript
  • Experience developing a feature on the front-end with Javascript
  • Other Front-end: VueJS, SASS
  • Knowledge in Laravel
  • Laravel subsets like Lumen, Laravel Spark or Laravel Nova
  • Webpack, Jest, Karma, Mocha
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Strong emphases on writing highly testable code
  • Understanding modern software architecture design with microservices (API gateway / Swagger, service bus, service mesh should not be new to you)
  • Ability to work with Linux environment and knowledge of tools like nc, socat, tcpdump, dig and understanding the difference between network and unix sockets


  • Typescript
  • Organize and maintain basic DevOps pipeline with Docker, Git, GitLab and monitoring with tools like New Relic, Prometheus, Rieman or other similar software


  1. Send your resume and cover letter to
  2. Let us know what was one of the more complex applications you developed
  3. If you have a Gitlab, please share