Make your business unstoppable

Make your products super easy to sell

and super easy to buy.

Sell more. A lot more.

No matter how custom your products may be.

It all starts with Maprehend

A new kind of platform that turns your complex, custom processes for pre-sales into a super easy-to-use customer experience.

Engage, qualify, quote, sell all within seconds and with no errors.

Generate personalized engagement, more sales orders, higher profit margin and much stronger customer retention.

We believe powerful and simple go together just perfectly

Drive the customer journey on a platform that can configure any offering no matter how complex, but so easy to use, it feels like a conversation.

That’s a high impact area.

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Grow your business
like never before

How it works: What speed for pre-sales looks like

When easy and powerful meet, a whole lot of awesome happens.

attract and engage

Attract and engage

Allow prospect to easily connect with your business and qualify your solution for their personalized needs.

Sell anything

Sell anything with ease

Always know the right question to ask to qualify a prospect and assess their needs. Then automatically return the right answers.


Save LOADS of time

Give your sales team more time for selling and far less time doing busy work.

Avoid errors

Avoid errors

Ensure your quotes and bill of material are accurate and consistent each time since they’re based on the right business rules, logic, lookup tables.

Give every sales channel super powers

Sales Reps

Sales Reps

Remove both the learning curve and busy work so your team can go back to selling and do it at a level never seen before.


Resellers & Distributors

Empower resellers and distributors with a selling experience where they feel like they can own it. When you make selling delightfully simple, of course your product will be their go-to for reselling.



Give your customer and leads what they want to know in the time that’s most effective – within seconds, not hours or days later.

Empower your business to earn more, a lot more

When you can automate quote-to-order, great things happen for your business.
Higher sales

Higher sales volume
(the minnows)

Larger deal

Larger deal size
(more whales)

Higher profit

Higher profit margin

Customer retention

Customer retention

See how Maprehend can help grow your customized selling