We’re fast approaching the
customization economy.

Our mission is to help you get there and
make custom selling super easy
for your business.

We believe customized or personalized selling at scale is the last mile for business. Manually qualifying a lead, preparing a sales quote or a product configuration is a lot of headache. The long lead times can often slow down sales or sometimes drive them away. All of these inefficiencies aren’t good for you or your future and current customers.

That’s where we come in. We created the world’s first Conversational Custom Selling Platform – to help businesses easily empower their sales reps, distributors or customers with instant, accurate answers to complex, custom questions. This can be used for lead qualification, generating sales quotes, bill of material or sales orders.

We take great delight in making highly custom sales situations easy. We like sales quotes that are complex. We like custom configurations. We like tricky sales questions. When a buyer asks, “How much is that?” and the sales person follows with the typical response, “Well, that depends…” and then the sales rep needs to ask the buyer more questions followed by a delay of manual preparation, this is where can streamline into seconds.

Maprehend makes these barriers a thing of the past. We make custom selling so simple, your complex products will be as easy to sell as selling a tee-shirt. We’re proud to say we’ve been pioneering automated custom selling and helping our customers exponentially grow since 2016.

How we help our customers grow

Our unique technology is the key capability for making automated selling happen, but our team and values are what carries this innovation forward. You can have the greatest technology in the world, but the team, support and passion to help our customers succeed is what truly serves as the foundation for our customers’ success.

We know this because more than 90% of ours customers is a repeat customer.

Our key values with every solution:

Genuine care
We like to think our “other advanced technology” is our highly focused team with genuine care to help our customers succeed. No matter how big or small of a task, we know it’s talent plus effort that bring you the best to your solution.

Great user experience
We also care about your users. We make sure our software is so easy to use, your users will have no idea how complex of a sales process they just breezed through. We also can help you learn about your users in order to keep improving the user experience and business needs.

Innovative technology that’s both powerful and flexible
When it comes to our platform, the number one priority is to always innovate. We have seen all kinds of highly complex sales processes from different industries and we make sure our platform is flexible enough to handle it, which is exactly what Maprehend’s platform provides. We know our customers have unique sales processes, which is why our system is designed to support your ways.

After more than 5 years in operations, Maprehend has been a pioneer in delivering innovations for automated customized selling. Maprehend can boast a wide array of quality work in different industries – from solar to construction to services to manufacturing and many more in between.

Taking pride in being straightforward in all proposals and execution of the work, Maprehend makes certain that stakeholders are able to develop a clear understanding of the entire scope and development costs. 

Quality work, every time. More than 90% of Maprehend’s business is repeat or referral business. Why? Because customers want a company that foresees problems, fixes issues and produces a superior completed project. That’s why they come back to Maprehend. 

Above everything else, our biggest value is to use kindness as our compass in life and in business. We strive to have this value internally as well as with our customers and their customers. We help others, we’re team players and we win together.